Service Business Excellence Award (updated)

The continuing shift in focus from Australia’s manufacturing heritage to an expanding service-based business economy was reflected in the introduction of a new Melbourne Business Awards category in 2016.

The Service Business Excellence Award aims to showcase the new breed of businesses that are rapidly expanding across Melbourne’s southeast region. The nominated service business must directly support businesses operating in the industrial, manufacturing or engineering sectors in Melbourne’s South East.

 To be eligible for nomination companies must meet these key criteria:

  • Based in South East Region of Melbourne 
  • Mature business - minimum of 3 Year in operation
  • Must have 7+ employees
  • The nominated service business must directly support businesses operating in the industrial, manufacturing or engineering sectors
  • The business can clearly articulate how they display excellence in their sector
  • The business exhibits innovation in their operations and services
  • The business is able to supply at least two testimonials/business references from clients


 How to Nominate

  1. Download the Nomination form
  2. Complete the details about your Company
  3. Or Nominate another company by emailing details to 
  4. Submit the form via email - 


NOTE: All short listed nominees will be required to provide a short video on their business highlighting the connection to manufacturing and why they should be selected as the 2018 Service Business Excellence Award winner

Nominations are open now with final nominations due before 31st October 2018

*Early nominations will be showcased at a breakfast event during the year


Contact to discuss in more detail.

Nominees, accepted by Melbourne Business Awards, will be recognised by name at the Gala Breakfasts and receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement as a nominee.  





Atticus Health opened its first medical clinic at 505a Station Street, Carrum on the 25th of March 2013. That clinic was opened out of sheer inspiration and enthusiasm for life. Who are we? We are a bunch of people – Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health, Reception staff - who have dedicated our careers to making people happier in their lives by improving their health. When you come to visit our medical clinics, we hope that your therapy begins from the moment you call our office or step inside our front door. That’s how we started, that’s how we continue.

Apart from helping the individual, we always strived to also improve the health of the communities we operate in by getting involved. From public health campaigns, to sponsorship of local groups or simply trying to publicise quality local businesses – Atticus Health wants to strengthen the fabric of local community. A strong, rich community means better health for everyone. Did you know for example that joining a local group could be as good for you as quitting smoking? Now you do ☺
One of the unique things we did from the start was give away free fruit to our patients and anyone else who wanted it for that matter. Our fruit bowls at the reception of our clinics stand for the importance of lifestyle in keeping well. They also stand for our commitment to giving back to the community and being there for everyone. We feel very happy when people walk in the door and grab a fruit, whether you make an appointment to see a Doctor or not. By eating a fruit, we know you’ve done at least one good thing that day for your health, and that makes us happy ☺