Eligibility Criteria - 'Business of the Year'

The Melbourne Business Awards “Business of the Year” Award is open to business that meet the following criteria;

  • The business is classed in the industrial, manufacturing or engineering sector or is an associated business, such as distribution
  • The business is located in the South East Region of Melbourne (the region incorporates the City of Kingston council boundary as the key catchment area, however can also include businesses that boarder this region)
  • The business shows demonstrated success and innovation in their field of expertise
  • (if you are unsure if your business fits the above criteria please contact Kim 0412 836 767 or via Events@MelbourneBusinessAwards.com.au)

Business of the Year Nomination Form

Nomination Process

Nominations for the "Business of the Year" Award are open each year from February to August. From all nominations eight Award Nominees are chosen via a committee selection process.

At each of the Breakfasts throughout the year, two of these Award Finalists present to the audience and broadly outline the secrets behind their success. During the final Gala Breakfast at the end of the Year the "Business of the Year" Award Winner is announced

The Melbourne Business Awards are about enthusiasm, initiative and innovation not just applying rigid performance benchmarks. We understand that companies come from diverse sectors ranging from traditional manufacturing to new high tech industries, therefore it is necessary to be flexible in applying selection criteria. 

Given the various industries involved; the selection criteria for the Award is diverse. The spirit on which the Melbourne Business Awards was founded - i.e. success and initiative - should be the indicator of a potential nominee.  We are looking for exciting, innovative small to medium sized companies based in the South East Region of Melbourne, generally competing on the world market, who exhibit drive, innovation and success.

The following parameters are used to assist potential companies to complete the nomination process.

Demonstrated success

  • What has the business achieved in the past two years?
  • Is the business a relatively new start-up that has grown rapidly or an established business with ongoing success or has managed to re-invent itself?

Business Innovation

  • What new processes or products has the business developed?
  • What commitment does the business have to investment in Research & Development?
  • Is the business a leader in its field?

 Export / Import Replacement Success

  • What has the business done to expand its markets?
  • Has the business managed to increase its exports or alternatively has it captured the market of a previously imported product?

 Commitment to Quality and Service

  • What quality control processes does the business have in place?
  • What is the unique approach to customer service?

 Human Resource Management

  • How many employees does the business have?
  • What is the business’s approach to training and staff development?

 *Note no financial data is sought from nominees making the assessment of eligible companies partly subjective. 

Judging Process

In addition to the breakfast presentations during the year, the “Business of the Year” Award Nominees are judged following a site visit in late October. The Award winner is chosen based on the round table discussion by the Committee following theses visits. A majority vote is required to allocate the Award.

The Award winner is announced at the Gala Breakfast Event in early December, the winner is provided a bespoke locally crafted trophy and prize package.   


2018 Gala Breakfast will be held on Friday 30th November