April 2018 - ODS Glass


From humble beginnings in 2008, working out of an old ute and a borrowed trailer, ODS Glass has steadily grown as a referral based business and in 2018 had 20 people working full time in the company including 2 directors. 

The early days consisted of Marty fabricating windows in his driveway at night and installing them during the day. It is fair to say that the neighbours were delighted when the business had grown enough to support the lease of a small factory in Mordialloc. Further growth led to the need for more hands on deck, and as Marty was keen to engage and develop young apprentices he made many visits to schools and junior cricket and football clubs to promote the opportunity. He hired an apprentice and then a labourer, and then a tradesman who is now his leading project manager. More recently ODS has utilised the services of an agency and that has enabled them to maintain a steady apprentice base. 

But with the growth in business came the degradation of a work-life balance, and the arrival of his first child led Marty to seek a business partner to share the load. His brother Tom had completed a carpentry apprentice and had also found work in the commercial window sector.  With 5 years management experience in a commercial window company, Tom was the ideal business partner and the support Marty needed to get his life back into balance.

Today, ODS Glass works closely with architects, builders and suppliers to find ways to best meet their clients needs and requirements, including energy and acoustic ratings, aesthetic qualities and various building applications, and the implementation of forecasting tools has enabled them to supply their clients with a better service at tender stage and has helped them forecast their future work load for 6 to 12 months in advance.

Whilst they often compete with overseas imported products they have found that most clients like the fact that ODS Glass only use locally sourced materials and this has been to their advantage in winning work.

With a passion for design and meticulous attention to detail, ODS Glass focus purely on boutique residential, multi-level living and commercial developments. Business expansion has always been driven by their clients needs, and because they are highly selective in the locations and project partners they choose to work with, ODS glass can stand firmly behind a promise that they only create beautiful customised open spaces that they themselves take pride in.

Independently owned and passionately owner-operated, they are committed to ensuring that the delivery and installation of their products exceed expectations at every level and their focus on service means they build long-term client relationships, resulting in a deeper understanding of their needs and an inherent commitment to their projects. 

March 2018 - Gourmet Juniors

All Gourmet Junior products are manufactured in a HACCP accredited facility by a professional chef and their menu includes many traditional meals as well as finger foods that include proteins and carbohydrates to create a perfectly balanced and convenient meal that is independently dietician approved. Established in 2014 by Alecia Whitelaw after the new mum saw a gap in the market for premium, home-style convenient meals for children, Gourmet Juniors has enjoyed steady growth, with its first retail stockist coming on-board in February 2015. They now have 16 retail partners across Victoria and service an increasing number of weekly direct home delivery clients. They have received national recognition in The Age, Brisbane Times, Sydney Morning Herald and The Grace Papers along with numerous blogs and publications. Since inception, they have scaled the business by continually working with their Head Chef to improve manufacturing processes that guarantee the quality that customers have come to expect. They also work closely with a qualified dietician to ensure that their products deliver the maximum amount of nutrition that is required for the age groups their products are designed for, so that parents can be 100% confident that they are purchasing nutritious children’s food. They are strong believers in driving the passion for good food from a young age and therefore feature an educational colouring-in image on all of their products to not only teach children about the real food that is contained in their meal but also encourage mindful eating. With a new range of products due for release later in 2018 and a key goal to expand distribution to interstate markets, Gourmet Juniors plans to continue its strong growth. Despite being a small business, they are proud to support the communities in which they operate and in 2017 they donated prizes worth over $2000 to kindergartens, day care centres, community organisations and primary schools.


February 2018 - Co-Ex Films Pty Ltd

Co-Ex Films commenced in 1997 as a supplier of plastic bags and has since transformed into a supplier of plastic film for food packaging. Current owner Steve McNaughton took over the business some 15 years ago and whilst ensuring the business was fully certified to ISO900 and HACCP, and that their equipment was systematically upgraded to suit their customer’s requirements in a changing marketplace for food packaging, Steve has made the conscious decision to remain a small business, in contrast to his larger competitors. This has provided Co-Ex with a customer focus and agility that has provided a competitive edge. Co-Ex work with local raw material suppliers to develop import replacement products, ensuring the Australian industry can provide local jobs for local people. On many occasions Co-Ex and their partners have been able to replace import products to ensure a strong and robust local market for manufacturing. Co-Ex are also committed to environmental management and were one of the first companies to sign up for “Operation Clean Sweep Australia” to minimise spillages of their primary raw material - plastic pellets, and have become a role model and a case study for other plastics manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Contact Steve on 9587 5477