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Systemising Business & Training Staff – More Than Just Writing Up An Operations Manual

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation I had with a client in Bendigo this week: “I’ve spent about 100 hours writing operation procedures and the staff just don’t follow them, in fact, I’m not even sure they read them”.


Industry Support Programs Forum

Have you thought about taking advantage of free or low-cost assistance programs in 2013 to help you reduce your energy use, improve resource efficiency and lower your operating costs?

Wednesday 27 February - FREE Forum to provide you with an overview of a range of industry assistance programs.


How changes to Google’s policy on AdWords may affect your business

In the digital economy, many business owners would sheepishly admit to feeling flummoxed by the lingo adopted by modern marketers.

Indeed, terms such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) mixed in with “e-tail” and “clicks ‘n mortar” have turned once-straightforward marketing activities into a true dark art. Within all that lies AdWords, domain of the Internet giant, Google.


Sustainable Business Network

The City of Kingston is seeking Expressions of Interest from local businesses to participate in a Sustainable Business Network in 2013.


Leading And Motivating Work Teams

I invite you to think of one of your employees or team members who isn’t quite up to scratch. Maybe they just get by on the bare minimum. Perhaps they make basic, fundamental mistakes on a daily basis. Or maybe it’s just a bad attitude that’s bugging you.

Now picture them standing right in front of you and ............. 


Introducing our new Melbourne Business Award Breakfast MC

Introducing our new Melbourne Business Award Breakfast MC ~ Kamahl Barhoush.


September Business Breakfast Wrap Up

Businessman Tom Acquroff likes to think his company’s success continues to climb.

Then again, that’s not too difficult when your stock-in-trade is crafting staircases and since 1920, Slattery & Acquroff has continued to grow.


Support Small Business Day


Shop Big in Small Business” – Saturday October 19

Kingston residents have the opportunity to win prizes and preloaded Eftpos cards just for supporting the State Government’s “Support Small Business Day” on Saturday 19 October


From the Cloud to the deep blue sea

Very few people can claim to have scuba-dived in a vat of liquid cheese.

But it’s just one of many different depths plumbed on a daily basis by crews working with Professional Diving Services, our first nominee for the Melbourne Business Awards’ Business of the Year prize.


Kingston Sustainable Business Network

Sustainability is fast becoming embedded into business best practice

The Kingston Sustainable Business Network provides a forum for businesses to explore new and innovative sustainable initiatives.


Strategy Made Simple: 3 Tips

As a business consultant who focuses on strategy I come across all kinds of approaches to business strategy. Here are three tips to make it easier to develop a strategy to not just survive but thrive.



Do you blog for your business or write regularly for a media title in your industry or sector?

Are you planning a business advice forum and want to share your expertise?

Or do you simply have some industry news to share?

If so, ADVANCE – the newsletter of the Melbourne Business Awards would like to hear from you - The only thing is you must be a Member or a Sponsor! Join Today

The Melbourne Business Awards represent a community of passionate business leaders, industry innovators and entrepreneurs.


Ask and you shall receive; Seek and you shall find.

Our July Guest Speaker Mr Mark Carrazzo shares with us a top tip for your business...

Referrals are the fastest way to grow a business, and the best way to increase referrals is to – wait for it – ask for them.


Changes to Superannuation Announced – Brief Summary

The Federal Government have released details of the changes they intend to make to the superannuation industry – how it is taxed and how the assets are managed.

The changes are aimed at the larger funds and higher earning retirees.

The implications of these changes are yet to be fully analysed but we have set out below a brief summary of our understanding of the changes and what they mean.


Final nominees announced for our annual Business of the Year award

Commercial divers accustomed to scuba-diving in vats of liquid cheese and a business that boasts its work on earth can be seen from space will join six other nominees vying for the Melbourne Business Awards’ 2013 Business of the Year title....


Sales trends you need to know to build a successfukl business

Guest Speaker: Bernadette McClelland


Imagine that your competitors were to thrive, survive or nose dive based on the quality and calibre of YOUR sales approach – not theirs! Wouldn’t you want to do more than chase the competition? Wouldn’t you want to create it?


From King to Kingston – MLK’s presentation skills tips for local business leaders

This year marks 50 years since one of the most iconic public speeches ever delivered.

Since August 28, 1963, when Martin Luther King gave his ‘I Have A Dream” speech at a rally in Washington, the American civil rights leader has been held up as the pre-eminent example of how to speak or present in public, in any context and from a content as well as presenting style perspective. 


Hiring the ‘relos’ - how to make it work

In SMEs, hiring family and friends is a pretty common occurrence and there is certainly nothing wrong with it; after all, why else did you start this business if not to make it your own, and have more control over those types of decisions? And if your wife/daughter/Uncle John is the best person for the job, it can be great for your business.  In theory............


Bentleigh Sunday Market celebrates 35 years of community service

The Bentleigh Sunday Market is a community project run by the Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central with help from the Rotary Club of Moorleigh Moorabbin. Since 1977, over $2 million has been raised to support local charities and Rotary Projects.


Holmesglen Short Courses - VET Australia

In October 2012, VET Australia approached Holmesglen Short Courses with a fresh and exciting initiative that would help Holmesglen expand its short course offerings to a new audience and provide employee benefits to one of Australia’s most trusted and well known brands, The National Bank of Australia (NAB)


Confidence tricks to presenting with success

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked about a survey that ranked the fear of public speaking higher in most people's minds than the fear of death. “In other words,” he deadpanned, “at a funeral, the average person would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy."


2012 Foundation Award Winner

Congratulations to the 2012 "Foundation Award" Winner


Marriott Support Services, a non-profit charity, places great emphasis on its work with young people, promoting school based apprenticeships, and being an active partner in the Ticket to Work initiative which was a finalist in the 2012 State Education Awards for Excellence


Holmesglen Grow Your Business Program

Interactive, Result Driven Programs

Three Business Programs -Performance Group Training, Branding Masterclass & Key Account Management. All programs ideally suited to business owners, CEO, CFO or Senior Decision Makers. 


Specialty Group named 'Business of the Year'

A future where roofing materials will generate solar energy without the need for add-on PV panels has helped The Specialty Group clinch the Melbourne Business Awards’ ‘Business of the Year’ title.


Take your Business Online with Australia Post

Keen to get your business online or expand your eCommerce operation, but not sure what to do next? Australia Post is offering local businesses some practical expert advice, with a free eCommerce session in your local area.

E-commerce offers a host of opportunities for businesses who are looking to expand, or who are ready to take the next step and get their business online. Australia Post and Google have teamed up to help, with a free eCommerce session to be hosted with the Kingston Council’s business team.


132 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 101 - 125