Re-Designing the way you do business

Many Australian businesses recognise that innovating is crucial to their survival in an era characterised by increased global competition, high salary and production costs, and a strong Australian dollar.

To succeed in this environment, businesses must produce better products and services. They must meet a need or solve a problem for consumers; and consumers must be willing to pay a premium—competing on difference not price.

Establishing a competitive advantage requires new thinking and new approaches. While some businesses continue to pursue business models and strategies competing largely on price, many now acknowledge they need to ‘do business’ differently in order to move out of the race to the bottom in a sea of product sameness.

According to Enterprise Connect Business Adviser and Design Integration Facilitator, Stuart Davis, integrating design into your business is a great place to start.

“You can have the lowest cost base, the leanest operations and a highly trained workforce, but if you’re not producing products and services people want to buy and value, it’s all pointless—and that’s where design integration can help,” Stuart explained. 

The link between design and business performance is now widely acknowledged. Design can help businesses command premium prices, gain market share, create compelling customer experiences and even reduce production costs.

Design Integration provides the framework and capabilities for designing and delivering highly valuable products, services and brands, sustainably and profitably, aligned to clear market ambition.



The Design Integration Program supports Australian businesses in building new capabilities in design thinking and practices. Businesses are led through a hands-on process, helping them understand how design, used well, can be a strategic and effective tool to boost performance, open new markets, cut costs and reduce risks.

Adam Blake, National Manager, Enterprise Connect Design Integration Program, says the Program has supported a range of Australian businesses to rethink how they can compete and to build new capabilities and approaches enabling them to deliver world class products and services.

“We have helped promising Australian SMEs build design into the DNA of how they do business and given them tools to continue to innovate and differentiate by better understanding customers,” says Blake.

The Design Integration Program is helping Australian businesses understand how to use design across their organisations to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

Enterprise Connect is an Australian Government initiative that offers comprehensive advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium businesses to help them transform and reach their full potential. 

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