2019 Business of the Year

Footwork Podiatric Laboratory


The Footwork concept was born when its founder, podiatrist Artur Maliszewski – dissatisfied with products on the market at the time, began making his own orthotics. With a thriving podiatry practice of his own, Artur saw a niche where he could create the highest quality orthotics harnessing the inside knowledge of a podiatrist. The company started out as a small boutique laboratory servicing a limited number of podiatrists in and around Melbourne. This reputation for quality was also recognised by others in the profession and after two decades, Footwork is now one of the leading supplier of orthotics not only in Australia, but also around the world.

2019 Innovation Award Winner

Prana Chai


Prana Chai are an award winning, global market leaders in high quality, gourmet chai business. Started in Melbourne by three close friends, Prana Chai continue to change the way chai is consumed, by making quality products, combining market know-how and first class service and bringing global 3rd wave coffee industry together with its vast network of cafes, professionals, roasters and most importantly consumers.
From humble beginnings in a small cafe in St Kilda in 2009, their journey took them to serve 4 geographies directly (USA, Europe and UK, Japan, Korea) and many more indirectly via their network of distributors in 2019. 
They believe that no matter what their circumstances, people will go out and socialise in cafes and they intend to be at the heart of the action by sticking to the pillars of our formation: Product, service and innovation.

2018 Business of the Year



Replas started from two companies that shared a passion for the environment. Repeat Plastics specialised in the collection of post-industrial waste while Australian Recycling Technologies concentrated on material collected from the kerbside


Both companies were developing the technology to take this waste material and recycle it, so it was a natural progression for them to join forces in 2001 as Repeat Plastics Australia (trading as Replas) and combine the unique expertise, products and manufacturing capabilities of both companies.

Replas has since developed world leading technologies that enable them to reprocess Australia’s waste into more than 200 robust recycled plastic products including outdoor furniture, bollards, signage, and decking. These products are resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture, and will never split, rot, crack or need painting.


Replas boasts a range of state-of-the-art machinery ensuring they operate with a high degree of energy efficiency - using about 25% of the power that it takes to make virgin plastic. Also, as they do not wash the plastic there is no water used, and colour and UV stabilisers they add represent just 2% of the product.

They partner with many Australian companies, such as Dulux and Coles, who have taken responsibility for the plastic waste they create to assist them in reducing their environmental impact by ensuring their plastic waste is recycled and reused within Australia.

Recycling plastic not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, but it also eliminates the need to use precious natural resources. Human ingenuity has produced plastic. Replas believes the same ingenuity will produce solutions to using and reusing these products in a sustainable way and the purchase of these products by councils, schools, and industry will help to close the loop on recycling and create a Circular Economy.

2018 Service Excellence Award Winner

Elle Belle Recruitment


Equipped with over 18 years of experience in the recruitment business, Linda Lewin established elle belle recruitment in 2006 to offer customised recruitment solutions to clients after seeing the need for a specialist agency that works to create strong and meaningful partnerships with their clients.

Situated within the Bayside suburb of Moorabbin, they are renowned for being experts in recruitment supporting all industry sectors with a focus on the manufacturing, industrial, and engineering businesses based within Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. elle belle recruitment are 'Big enough to deliver and small enough to care'. 


The team at elle belle recruitment do not believe in a ‘one shoe, fits all' approach to recruitment so they provide innovative solutions to each individual client by working with them to understand their requirements, business structure and corporate culture to ensure the highest caliber staff can be sourced and represented. This flexibility and adaptability has ensured their continued success.

To ensure they remain ahead of their competitors and are consistently meeting the needs and expectations of their clients and candidates, elle belle recruitment conducts regular online surveys with both candidates and clients to ascertain their thoughts and receive both positive and constructive feedback. These surveys serve as an invaluable tool to reflect upon our service level and refine our processes both internally and externally to our clients and candidates.

elle belle recruitment aim to be viewed as industry experts so in addition to providing end to end recruitment, they also assist their clients with Process Improvement (position descriptions, coordinating on-boarding processes, conducting on site interviews with management), OHS/Safety (Safety assessments, support and feedback to help implement structured OHS plans), Competency bases Assessments (administration of skills based online assessments for candidates). 

elle belle recruitment make a conscientious effort to thank their candidates and clients for their support. A temporary employee is selected by the staff at elle belle recruitment monthly to receive the "Temp of the Month" award in recognition of their efforts, hard work and commitment to the assignment and elle belle recruitment staff visit the candidate post placement once they have completed their initial three months and present them with a gift to recognise their efforts. 

elle belle recruitment also provide a supportive, focused and learning focused culture by providing staff with opportunities to develop and gain experience that they would not be able to achieve in larger recruitment firms, and whilst growth is always a focus, they plan for steady growth to ensure the high service levels are maintained. Growth is also planned via alliances with like-minded businesses to expand their client and candidate base and help them become the employment agency of choice for candidates and clients within the industrial and manufacturing sector.

2018 Community Award Winner

Grants Australia


An interest in a healthier lifestyle led Michael (an electrician) and Michelle (a teacher) to open one, and then two health food stores for a living, before seeking to develop their own products.

With the help of a chemist who produced toothpaste samples made from natural products, completely free from artificial ingredients and preservatives - no fluoride, no parabens, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no sugar and no sulphates, and using the name ‘Grants’ (from the street in which they lived at the time), finished products were produced by the local manufacturer and small batches were stored at home and sold in their own shops.


They gave samples to health product representatives who came to their stores and these representatives led them to distributors in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane and then to wholesale the toothpaste for sale into health food stores. One local distributor sold Grants Toothpaste  into Safeway, and in 1992 Mike secured a position for Grants Herbal & Mineral Toothpaste in Coles health food section.

From modest beginnings with one variety of toothpaste in several health stores in Melbourne, Grants toothpaste spread to nearly every health store in Australia and by the early 1990’s it was stocked in major supermarkets right across the country.

But their quest for more natural products didn’t finish with toothpaste. In 1995 they developed Vitamin B Liquid and Crystal Deodorant, and in 2009 they developed an alcohol free Mouthwash.


2017 Business of the Year


Eco friendly industrial-style furniture, home ware & recycled timber picture frames. Located in Highett, Melbourne. To the team at Mulbury, recycling materials is one of the purest forms of maintaining our planet and we're absolutely dedicated on leaving a minimal footprint on the earth. When manufacturing and sourcing their recycled products, they ensure that all working partners are ethical and environmentally friendly.

Globally people have a huge demand for recycled products, so much so that most people now consider the environment when making lifestyle choices. The team at Mulbury are super excited about this. Mulbury offer furniture made from recycled materials, rescued timber picture frames and a wide variety of home and giftware.


2017 Innovation Award Winner

BOGE Rubber & Plastics

BOGE Rubber & Plastics stands for excellence in vibration control technology and lightweight components for the automotive industry. As a longstanding partner of leading international car manufacturers, they develop innovative solutions for the markets of tomorrow.

They are passionate perfectionists – and have been since 1931. Combining the core technologies of vibration control and lightweight design to develop integrated solutions for our customers – enhancing performance, and at the same time reducing weight and costs. Thus, innovative design solutions such as lightweight pedal modules and transmission cross members have been created. Boge are represented internationally with approximately 4,000 employees and ten locations in Germany, France, Slovakia, USA, Brazil, China and Australia. Today, ranking among the worldwide leading top three manufacturers in the field of rubber-metal technology. 

2016 Business of the Year

Zenith Interiors

Zenith started out in the 1950s as a manufacturer of office partition systems and evolved into manufacturing workstations. After becoming one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of workstations Zenith expanded into the corporate and commercial furniture market with a complete range of workstations, storage systems and task chairs. Since opening their first showroom in Victoria, Australia, in 1990 they have established a presence in every Australian state and territory. And since 2010 Zenith has strengthened its position through further expansion in Asia Pacific.



2016 Innovation Award Winner

Tomcar Australia


Tomcar Australia designs and manufactures specialist all terrain utility vehicles in Melbourne, Australia. Selling to the agricultural, mining and military industries, Tomcar Australia is soon to be the last vehicle manufacturer in Australia. Visit for more information on the Tomcar range of commercial vehicles. 



2015 Business of the Year

Moose Toys

Moose Toys is a global toy company with offices in the US, UK, HK and the head office based in Melbourne, Australia.  This award winning company is known for designing, developing and distributing toy and lifestyle products across the globe for children of all ages and the young at heart. Moose has products in all toy categories including collectibles, arts and crafts, activity toys, dolls, novelty items and outdoor products, and has brought joy to kids worldwide with successful products such as Mighty Beanz, Beados, Aqua Sand and most recently The Trash Pack™.

In 2014, Moose introduced several new product lines for boys and girls, including Shopkins™, the grocery-themed collectibles, Little Live Pets, electronic pets that come to life in the palm of your hand, as well as expanding its Trash Pack, Glitzi Globes™ and The Ugglys™ lines. The Ugglys were named to the 2014 Toys"R"Us® "Fabulous 15" list, the Glitzi Globes Glitzi Showcase was named a 2013 TOTY for the Australian Toy Association. Most recently, the Shopkins Small Mart playset was named a 2015 TOTY finalist by the Toy Industry Association. Visit  for more information.


2015 Innovation Award Winner


CASAFICO are innovators and manufacturers of building products. Our products are designed to be environmentally conscience, fast, efficient and user friendly. Casafico’s unique patented process simplifies wall construction allowing you to use only one installation team. Casafico’s unique building systems change the dynamics of the building industry utilising the finest quality raw materials and providing the market with products which are simple to use and highly cost effective. We have an extensive range from panels, blocks, coatings, machines and accessories.

Casafico stakeholders have extensive knowledge of the industry with over 40 years’ experience in construction, application and manufacturing. Casafico has the experienced staff and supplies to help your construction come to life.  



2014 Business of the Year

The Wrapping Paper Company

The Wrapping Paper Company Pty Ltd (Wrapco) is Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of gift wrap products and gift wrap accessories suitable for complimentary gift wrapping. Wrapco commenced trading in June 1997 and now is the only manufacturer in Australia producing a comprehensive range of complimentary gift wrap products.


2014 Innovation Award Winner


Bestech Australia was founded in 2002 in Melbourne and is now one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and New Zealand; distributing and manufacturing sensors, transducers, signal conditioners and test systems for measurement of physical parameters. Bestech supplies state of the art industrial sensors, instrumentation and teaching equipment from world leading manufacturers, and provides quality customer service. Bestech delivers a wide range of products for university and research laboratories as well as various applications in manufacturing, military, mining, steel, rail, construction, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and water industries.   

2013 Business of the Year

Slattery & Acquroff


Slattery & Acquroff is an Australian owned family business that has been crafting beautiful stairs since 1920. Our success is based on years of expertise, friendly customer service and constant innovation. We work with architects, builders and homeowners on large-scale projects, intricate design work and everything in between. Our highly skilled team of stair experts – designers, carpenters, joiners, metal workers and more – use evolutionary design, the best materials and cutting-edge technology. We believe an investment in an exceptional Slattery & Acquroff staircase is an investment for life. 




2013 Employee Development Award Winner

Lewis Australia


Lewis Australia is an automation engineering company with over 40 years of experience in designing special purpose production equipment for a variety of industries. We design and build equipment to automate a client's production processes in areas where there are often no applicable standard machines



2012 Business of the Year

The Specialty GroupTheSpecialtyGroup1.JPG

The Specialty Group is a large volume producer of raw materials including water based and solvent chemicals, glass reinforced plastics (GRP), technical and Industrial textiles, polyester, vinyl Ester and epoxy resins, and glass and carbon composites used by Australian as well as International product manufacturers.  Founded in 1978, and now a second generation run business, The Specialty Group develops material science internally and in collaboration with leading research organisations, value adds through highly automated production processes, and then commercialises new Australian made technologies to a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Defence & Emergency Services, Building & Construction, Medical, Sports & Leisure, Mining, Aeronautical & Transport.  More recently, and as part of the Company’s rapid growth strategy into global growth markets, the Company has begun developing Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) technologies in the form of single layer solar roofing in large format sheeting which provides a structural roof with built in solar energy generation replacing the need to install a roof and then heavy solar panels on top of it.  The project has attracted over $4 million in State and Commonwealth funding support and is a collaboration with Deakin University, CSIRO, RMIT, JCU, and ACS-CRC.2012 Award Winner


Photo - George Lucas from The Specialty Group with Melbourne Business Awards Chairman Geoff Lawyer (Left) and City of Kingston Mayor Ron Brownlees (Right)


2012 Foundation Award Winner

Marriott Support Services


 Marriott Support Services provides programs for adults with intellectual disabilities, ranging from day service program,supported employment and mainstream employment. On leaving school, depending on their support needs, Marriott offers a number of options to people with an intellectual disability.


2011 Business of the Year

Austech Wire & Cable Pty Ltd

Austech Wire & Cable is a privately owned company was established in 1997 and is situated at Braeside Victoria.  Austech is Australia’s first Oxygen-free, high conductivity copper rod and wire producer.  With a world class manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology, highly automated state of the art machine, with build in process control systems to ensure products are consistently produced at the highest quality standards.

Austech Wire & Cable offer a wide range of highest quality performance copper products such as copper feed wire, single or multi strands wire, plain or tinned, bunched conductor, plain or tinned, electroplating wire, building cables, automotive cables, irrigation cables up to 150 millimetres square.

Austech Wire & Cable strive to eliminate waste and any non-value process, making Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement philosophy as one of their core values.



2011 Foundation Award Winner 

Premier Auto Trade  & Complete Colour

Both companies were selected for this Award in recognition of its current and ongoing commitment to providing opportunities to apprentices.

Premier Auto Trade is a leading importer and wholesaler of EFI, engine management and service components, and is a major supplier to the Australian automotive aftermarket. Premier Auto Trade carries one of Australia's most extensive ranges of these specialised components, from the World’s leading manufacturers, specialising in genuine and original equipment (OEM) products. 


At Complete Colour  are proud to offer print and communication solutions that develop and progress with the times, and we can now say we truly offer the whole spectrum of communications support.  


2010 Business of the Year

Flavour Makers

Flavour makers are a 100% Australian owned company, dedicated to developing successful new food and beverage products, improving existing ones, and above all else, creating products and flavours that taste great. Firm in the belief that demand for prepared foods was increasing and consumers should be able to source meal solutions that tasted as good as home made, Flavour Makers was born. Established in 1993 from small but passionate beginnings, our love of food and extensive history in the retail, poultry and prepared food industries provided us with the vision of creating authentic flavour ingredient systems, which were superior to those currently available.

Today, more than 15 years on, Flavour Makers is at the forefront of Australia’s food industry. While our products are now offered around the globe, we remain true to our Australian roots and our original vision of creating successful new products, improving existing ones and above all else, developing flavours that taste great. 


2009 Business of the Year

Continental Kosher Butchers

Continental Kosher Butchers Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is a leader in its field. All meat and smallgoods are further processed from its own state of the art premises located in Moorabbin, Victoria. The utmost of care is paid to quality, hygiene and consistency. 

2008 Business of the Year

Gold Peg International 



Gold Peg Continuous Cooking Systems. Gold Peg specialises in manufacturing unique globally proven continuous cooking technology.The process of continuous cooking has long non-stop production with minimal disruption in terms of breaks of downtime or cleaning. It increases your production and delivers cost savings.


Continuous cooking increases productivity and cuts overheads like inefficient energy use and product waste. It also improves product quality and consistency as well as the shelf life of your product, which in turn improves customer confidence and market reputation. 

2007 Business of the Year

Air Aroma International 

Discover the rich and diverse possibilities of scenting. Smell is considered our most powerful sense when it comes to the long-term memorizing of experiences, places or products. With more than 15 years experience Air Aroma has been helping companies implement scent as part of their overall branding strategy. We do this together with our purely natural fragrances, beautifully designed scent diffusers backed by an unbeatable global distribution network. 


2006 Business of the Year

Oasis Tension Structures 

Oasis Tension Structures, an internationally acclaimed leader in architectural fabric structure design and construction. Oasis is an Australian owned business located in Braeside, 25 kilometres south east of Melbourne, Victoria.

Our professional team consists of an architect, structural engineers and designers. They possess unique skills in all aspects of quality tension structures. Inspirational concepts through to precision construction is our expertise. 


2005 Business of the Year


2004 Business of the Year