A key factor in the continuance of a local manufacturing sector is the attraction and retention of young people. The Melbourne Business Awards Employee Development Award aimed to identify and promote businesses who encouraged engagement, and an ongoing commitment to the training of young people.


Nominations were open to businesses that met the following criteria. The business must have:

  • been classed in the industrial, manufacturing or engineering sector
  • been located in the South East Region of Melbourne
  • been able to demonstrate and ongoing commitment to the training of young people

Nominations were received from a range of business partners of the Melbourne Business Awards through their business interaction, and it was also possible for individual businesses to nominate businesses they knew, or for businesses to self-nominate. 

This process sometimes also lead to the identification of employee 26 years or younger who was able to demonstrate outstanding achievement in their respective field, had clear aspirations, an outstanding attitude to their work and fellow employees, or had made a significant contribution to the company. These employees could then be proposed for the Melbourne Business Awards “Young Achiever” Award 

Note: No financial data was sought from nominees and hence assessment is partly subjective.

Judging Process

From all nominations, three to four nominees were shortlisted and judged via a committee based on the level of commitment to the development of young people in their organisation.

The Award winner was announced at the Gala Breakfast Event in late November/early December, and was provided a bespoke locally crafted trophy and prize package.