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Manufacturing has long been part of the fabric of our country, helping to grow the economy by generating productivity, stimulating research and development, and investing in the future. The Business of the Year Award was developed to inspire businesses to become more innovative and successful by exposure to leading edge ideas and local success stories.


The spirit on which the Melbourne Business Awards was founded - i.e. success and initiative - is the indicator of a potential nominee.  We are looking for exciting, small to medium sized companies, generally competing directly or indirectly on the world market, who exhibit drive and meet the following criteria.

The business must:

  • be classed in the manufacturing and industrial sector 
  • be located in the South East Region of Melbourne
  • show demonstrated success and innovation in their field of expertise

Potential nominees may be identified by other organisations through their business interaction, or may self-nominate. In all cases, a member of the Melbourne Business Awards committee will arrange to visit the nominee’s premises to formalise the nomination.

Note: No financial data is sought from nominees.

Judging Process

From all nominations, eight Award Nominees are chosen via a committee and selection process. At each Melbourne Business Awards Breakfasts throughout the year, two of these Award Nominees will get the chance to share their story with the audience via a short speech or presentation, a Q&A with our MC, by pre-recorded video, or by providing our MC with the text of their story, to broadly outline the turning points in their business, and the secrets behind their success.

In addition to the breakfast presentations during the year, the “Business of the Year” Award Nominees are judged following a site visit in late October. The Award winner is chosen based on a round table discussion by the Committee following theses visits. A majority vote is required to allocate the Award.

The Award winner is announced at the Gala Breakfast in late November, and is provided a bespoke locally crafted trophy and prize package.


All award nominees are promoted on the Melbourne Business Awards website and via Melbourne Business Awards and partners communication channels.   

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*** Due to restrictions arising from COVID-19 the Business of the Year Award will not be conducted in 2020

To view the 2019 Judging Day video and see behind the roller door of our past nominees click the link below - 

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