Next time you bite the head off a Freddo frog, cross the Bolte bridge, watch the tennis in Melbourne, stretch a Natural Confectionery Co snake or see an ad with an ice cream that won't melt but looks good enough to eat, Studio 57F1 was there helping set the foundations to make these successes.

Studio 57F1’s founder David McCausland won a secondary school prize for Art before heading into the new world of Industrial Design at RMIT where he won the GMH award for top student. This led to multiple job offers, but whilst employment provided some additional learnings he also learned lots of life lessons before leaving employment to start his own business.

In 1986 he renovated an old Bakery in Prahran and started getting phone calls from clients who wanted him to make models. Whilst his studio wasn’t finished he spent time with his new milling machine, in the rain, with a Planet lamp, under a giant plastic bag, where he created the Stack-hat for Bayly Design. 

Ten years later, with the help and support of his partner Gilly, they set up a new Studio in Southbank - changing from a small, small business to a truly commercial operation. But planning zone changes and the proposed construction of a new 50 storey building two doors away from the Studio led them to seek another site – away from the construction work and vibration that made it difficult to work with the precision equipment he used in his Studio. The move took them 90 kilometres south to Capel Sound on the Mornington Peninsula.

As well as model making, Studio 57F1 provides a range of specialist services – including creative concepts, scale models, working models, product design, prototypes, advertising props and special effects. They provide a range of capability including 3D scanning, CNC machining, vacuum forming, sculpting, resin casting, silicone moulding, fabrication and restoration.

Studio 57F1’s mission is to be innovative and create successful concepts of the highest quality. Part of that is that David takes his clients on a journey, exploring new ideas to achieve impressive results. They have worked with everything from automotive to aerospace, from furniture to confectionery. They create master models to silicone moulds and resin castings, patterns to production parts. They provide capability from innovative designs and concepts to custom machining and quality finishes for almost every industry.

Their vast client list includes Toyota, Red Bull,  Peters ice-cream, Willow coolers, Elfin Sports Cars, The Natural Confectionery Company, Origin Energy, Cadbury, Laminex, Coca Cola, Holden & HSV, Carlton & United, Nestle and Thirsty Camel.

If you need to take the step into 3 dimensions, in whatever form, for any purpose – talk to David at Studio57F1 on 0414 663 357 or visit the website

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