Not a Trace

Not a Trace Nut Free Foods is an Australian owned family business, with 25 years experience in food and "Free From" manufacturing. Our products are produced in a totally nut free environment. That is, our factory, our ingredients, and our supply chain are all free of tree nuts, peanuts and nut traces.

In Australia, 1 in 50 children are thought to have a nut allergy. In fact, the number of children with potentially fatal food allergies has doubled in less than a decade and approximately 15,000 Australian children born each year will develop an anaphylactic food allergy. Fatal food anaphylaxis is mostly caused by peanuts (50-60%) and tree nuts (15-30%). Never before has the need for a trusted and safe alternative been so warranted. Not a Trace delivers consistent, high quality, delicious products for everyone to enjoy, and they are safe for people with tree nut and peanut allergies.

There is an increasing demand in the marketplace for food and confectionery products that cater for the growing number of people who suffer from food allergies, in particular, products labelled as being "nut free". This is especially important for schools and canteens catering to children where the spectre of anaphylaxis has led to schools enforcing a blanket ban on products containing nuts.

Not a Trace decided that not enough was being done in "nut free" to protect Australian kids and provide parents with greater choice, so we have worked hard to develop an innovative nut free range of treats, which we know kids and parents will love. Parents can have confidence that the bars and biscuits produced by Not a Trace are totally safe, taste great and are nutritionally sound.

We are proud of this range and have full confidence that parents and children will see the benefits of clearly labelled "Not a Trace" food items.Not a Trace range of products will be available through Food Service distributors. For Further information on local stockists please contact Not a Trace.

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