Professional Diving Services

Professional Diving Services (PDS) is part of the Professional Divers Group, and has been in operation for over 30 years.  PDS has offices within the Port of Melbourne and the Port of Portland, as well as an ADAS (Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme) commercial diver training facility in Albury.  PDS has the capacity and personnel to run up to nine commercial dive crews simultaneously, providing commercial diving services throughout Victoria, interstate and overseas.

Our dive crews have extensive experience in a diverse range of operations which include; underwater construction and demolition projects on piers, wharfs and marine structures of all types.  PDS supply services in underwater monitoring, structure survey and maintenance of marine infrastructure and marine project management.

Major projects have included the Victorian Channel Deepening Project, Victoria Desalination Project, Princes Pier Rehabilitation and currently Appleton Dock Upgrade Project.

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