OMNIconnect has been operating for over 15 years in a niche area of IT which brings two sides of the industry together - Data Centre facilities and Telecommunications Carrier services. This puts OMNIconnect in a unique position to offer businesses the opportunity to both house their IT equipment and bring connectivity back to their offices all using the one provider.  

As a company OMNIconnect have received a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness. Clients have a stable relationship with OMNIconnect staff often spanning many years. This has created a level of support that isn't often seen in the IT industry.

OMNIconnect have also gone to great lengths to show their environmental responsibility by reducing its carbon footprint and implementing systems that reduce power consumption, these include fresh air economised cooling and their own rainwater collection and filtration system.

OMNIconnect focuses on providing responsibility, reliability and innovation to the IT industry

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