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The Videophone can initiate and receive video or voice calls with any family member or friend who has a Skype account, or who also has one of these videophones. If you and a close friend both have this videophone, one touch at either end creates high quality, face-to-face contact. 

The Videophone can also call landlines in Australia and in many other countries, enabling voice calls to contacts that do not have a videophone or Skype. It can automatically call alternative Skype or landline numbers in sequence, so that a single touch on the screen will try several numbers in turn. And to improve stay-at home security, an optional Auto Answer feature enables authorised users to see and talk even if the Videophone user is unable to answer for some reason.

It is a one press connect, easy to see, easy to hear, touch screen that enables easy contact.

The standard videoscreen is a 15" LCD touchscreen and the unit is fitted with a microprocessor that runs Linux software. It has wi-fi capability, a webcam and a microphone and speakers.

If you are interested in being put in contact with the developer, email Rod Shell at

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