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Content Item - New award category to recognise & reward the expanding service business sector

The continuing shift in focus from Australia’s manufacturing heritage to an expanding service-based business economy will be reflected in the introduction of a new Melbourne Business Awards category in 2016.

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Event - March 4th Business Awards Breakfast

Ready to kick off another year recognising and rewarding some of the amazing industrial businesses operating in Melbourne’s southeast region?

To help launch the 24th year of the Melbourne Business Awards, we’re delighted to announce Matt Finnis, CEO of St Kilda Football Club, as our guest speaker for the first breakfast of the year on Friday, March 4th.

As the Saints return to their spiritual home in Moorabbin, Matt will be speaking about the cultural change the club has undergone in recent times and its focus on re-igniting a sense of ‘belonging’ and ‘community’ – two values that the Melbourne Business Awards hold dearly.

It’s fair to say sport runs thick through Matt’s blood. As well as the day-to-day running of the St Kilda Football Club, Matt has previously been CEO of the AFL Players’ Association, Chairman of Ladder – an AFL Players charitable initiative to tackle youth homelessness, and beyond footy is also a director of Surfing Australia. 

Matt was born and raised within the city of Kingston and still lives locally with his wife and three children. We look forward to welcoming Matt to the stage and hearing the Saints story.



Special Guest Speaker: 

Matt Finnis, CEO St Kilda Football Club


Along with our first two Buiness of the Year Award Nominees:

TomCar Zenith Interiors



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Content Item - Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank offers accounts, finances and services for businesses at any phase and industry they might be in 

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