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Event - February Networking Breakfast

Melbourne Business Awards

Guest Speaker: Melinda Walker

Networking from 6.30am, formal proceedings begin @ 7am

As well as heralding a fresh start to the business year, January 1st also saw the ushering in of new legislation to tackle the vexed issue of workplace bullying. It is a problem that should challenge all of us who are responsible not only for ensuring business success but also for our staff, the people who help ensure our businesses are successful.

With this in mind, our first breakfast on Friday, February 21st we will be hearing from guest speaker, Melinda Walker, a specialist in Organisational Behaviour, Bullying Prevention and Leadership. Melinda will unpack key aspects of the workplace bullying legislation and challenge us to think about how we should approach such a sensitive topic in our own work environments.

Remarkable People

Melinda Walker specialises in Organisational Behaviour, Bullying Prevention and Leadership.

For 20 years Melinda worked in real estate with a range of different people, some resourceful and others not so. This experience taught her that intimidation tactics or bullying often resulted in poor performance and lack of stability amongst the team and the organization.

Since real estate Melinda moved on to studied extensively to enhance her understanding of people and team dynamics and why some organizations consistently achieve and others fall miserably behind - noticing that the biggest gap between these organizations came down to 3 main things- Attitude, Respect and Communication.

Through her compnay Melinda's aim is to teach her clients how to have greater respect for each other, and how to communicate in a way that doesn’t require intimidation or bullying. By working with and around people’s differences individuals learn to further enhance their strengths and their capabilities for the betterment of the team and the organization.

When people learn to work to their strengths there is less micro-managing required for the leader as well as less staff frustration and despondency. The more a person learns to enhance their strengths the more effective they will be in the workplace and the more they will work together collectively as a team. 

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